Membership Categories


Active members

Any person who has attained a specialised trainig in pharmacology or toxicology at the level of Masters of doctoral degree (PhD, MD, PharmD, or an equivalent) shall be eligible for membership in the Society. Exceptions may be made for someone who does not meet the degree requirement but who has made distinguished research and publication in pharmacology.

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Student members

Any Person who is enrolled in a Masters degree program in pharmacology or toxicology, is eligible for Student membership. This category shall be non-voting. Professionals pursuing PhD or post doctoral courses shall be regarded as full active members. Upon completion of their degree, student members must upgrade to Active Membership.

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Honorary members

Any qualified person who has, distinguished himself or herself through exceptional contributions to the advancement of the Science of pharmacology or toxicology but does not meet the requirements for Active Membership may be eligible for Honorary Membership, which shall be non-voting. Honorary members may later apply for Active Membership, upon meeting the requirements. To become a Honorary members, a person will be nominated by an Active member and approved in the general assembly.


Emeritus members

An Activer or Honorary member may qualify for Emeritus status in UPharS if they have been a member of UPharS for 30 years on making. Member shall make a formal request for Emeritus status in order to qualify. Members granted Emeritus status pay no dues but retain all of the privileges of Activer membership. Please contact the Membership Department to request retired status.


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