About UPharS

The Uganda Pharmacological Society is non-profit association of professionals formed in accordance with the constitution of the Republic of Uganda. The main aim is to bring together pharmacologists and toxicologists from the different spheres of service within Uganda. The society also aims to represent and articulate the interest of its members as well as promote advancement of knowledge and technology in the various fields of pharmacology.

UPharS is currently housed at the pharmacology building, Old Mulago Upper Hill Road, Kampala Uganda.

The Society is governed by an executive commitee consisting of a president, vice president, general secretary, secretaries of finance and publicity and chairpersons of the Editorial committee of the UJPT and newsletter, research and ethics committee and planing committee.


The society is premised on the following objectives:

  • Uniting all pharmacologists practising in Uganda;
  • Promoting rational drug use through sensitization of the human population about drug use enhancing pharmacovigilance through activities that can augment the work of National Drug Authority (NDA);
  • Promoting drug development through collaborative research with the pharmaceutical industry and Research institutions;
  • Providing consultancy services for the medical fraternity by establishing a drug information centre with a global link;
  • Promoting dissemination of findings from pharmacological and toxicological research by establishing a peer-reviewed journal and organizing regular national and international scientific conferences;
  • Providing training services for Ugandans engaged in health service delivery using indigenous knowledge


History of Pharmacology in Uganda

UPharS constitution

Pharmacology International Newsletter.




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