About Uganda Pharmacological Society


The aim of this society is the advancement of knowledge and technology in the various fields of pharmacology especially as it relates to extension and promotion of teaching, research, and technical services.


Pursuant to the section I of this Article, the objectives of the society shall be to:

a. unite all pharmacologists practicing in Uganda;

b. promote rational drug use through sensitization of the human population about drug use by establishing a Newsletter that shall be published at intervals determined by the members of the society;

c. enhance pharmacovigilance through the following:

i. supporting the National Drug Authority in the regulation of drug use;

ii. encouraging members to increase their presence in upcountry institutions and centres;

iii. establishing a therapeutic drug monitoring (TDM) center with the necessary facilities to do TDM;

iv. establishing a herbal/traditional medicine screening center with fully-fledged drug screening and toxicity profiling laboratory.

d. promote drug development through collaborative research with the pharmaceutical industry and research institutions;

e. provide consultancy services for the medical fraternity by establishing a drug information center with a global link;

f. promote the dissemination of findings from pharmacological and toxicological research by establishing a journal to be named the “Pharmacology and Toxicology Journal of Uganda” and abbreviated as “UJPT” and organizing regular national and international scientific conferences in which pharmacology students at all levels of training shall be invited to participate actively;

g. provide training services for Ugandans engaged in health service delivery using indigenous knowledge;

h. provide a channel through which the young pharmacologists can foster their intellectual growth through networking with other pharmacologists globally.